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Chalutz Training Farm Near London Adds to Britain’s Food Stocks, Official Says

The Earl of Listowel, Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture, today praised the members of an Orthodox Chalutz training farm outside this city for adding to the food stocks of Britain while preparing to pioneer in Israel. He declared that Israel was a “living example of a new social order” which was teaching the world true cooperation and mutual help.

Eliahu Elath, Israeli Minister to Britain, who was also present at “open day” exercises at the farm, asserted that the training of pioneering youth in countries outside Israel for work in the Jewish state was needed more at this time than ever before. Insisting that the Jews of Israel need leadership of the highest quality, Minister Elath said “the youth of the Western world can produce this type of man who through his upbringing in an atmosphere of free-democracy has the natural background for leadership in the new state.”