Deeds, Not Words Required, Goldmann Advises Germans
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Deeds, Not Words Required, Goldmann Advises Germans

The newspaper Neue Zeitung reports the exchange of correspondence between Dr, Nahum Goldmann, acting president of the World Jewish Congress and chairman of the Jewish Agency executive, and Erich Lueth, press officer of the West German Government, who recently appealed for peace with Israel in an article in the same newspaper.

Dr. Goldmann is reported to have written, in reply to a letter from Lueth: “I believe that the campaign (for peace with the Jewish state) may be of considerable importance. You will certainly understand that the complete lack of official or spontaneous reaction on the part of official circles or on the part of public opinion in Germany to the crimes committed against the Jews by the Nazis cannot be understood either by Jewish public opinion or by progressive and decent people throughout the world.

“A campaign such as that which you are undertaking would, if it meets with appropriate response on the part of the German people, and particularly if it finds expression in official statements on the part of competent authorities, certainly meet with a response both from world public opinion and Jewish public opinion. For this reason, I wish your action success. The Jewish public will follow with interest the effects of this campaign.”

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