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Gen. Riley Cites Syria As Aggressor in Huleh Fighting

Lt. Gen. William E. Riley, United Nations truce supervisor in Palestine, today supported the Israeli contention that Syrian Army units were involved in the Huleh fighting last May.

In a report to United Nations headquarters here, Gen. Riley said that allegations that personnel of the Syrian Army participated in the operations at Tel el Metullah “must in my opinion be considered as having been proven.” The proof, the report said, was the publication of two orders of the Syrian Ministry of Defense in the Syrian Official Gazette awarding decorations to Syrian troops for valor in the Tel el Metullah engagements. Publication of the orders, Gen. Riley said, “furnish, in my view, proof of the Syrian aggression which suppresses the necessity of a discussion in the next Mixed Armistice Commission.”

The publication of the orders was brought to Gen. Riley’s attention in a formal complaint lodged by the Government of Israel.