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Iraq Sentences 15 Jews to Prison on “zionist Espionage” Charges

Fifteen Iraqi Jews have received various sentences from five months to life imprisonment following their conviction on charges of “Zionist espionage,” according to a report received here today from Baghdad. The court also ordered the property of the defendants forfeited to the government.

The report, quoting the newspaper Al Shaab, said that Ishmael Salahoon received a life term; Eliahu Jurgi Abed and Shalom Salah Shalom each received 15-year terms; while Usef Ibrahim Basri, Fuad Ishad Nathan, Fuad Israel Dalah, Isaac Yacob Sasson Shaaya, and Ezra Rachmin each received five years at forced labor. The remaining three defendants received five-month sentences but were released because they had already spent that much time in jail awaiting trial. They are: Esperance Yacob; Albertine Rubin Leiahu; and Madeline Rubin Lowe.