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Half of World’s Jewish Population Resides on American Continent

More than half the world Jewish population of 11,532,000 new resides in North and South America, it is revealed in the 53rd annual edition of the American Jewish Year Book, published today by the American Jewish Committee and the Jewish Publication Society of America.

The total Jewish population in North and South America is approximately 5,823,030, representing 50.6 percent of the world’s Jewish population. In Europe, including Asiatic U.S.S.R. and Turkey, are 3,463,000 Jews; in Asia, 1,491,100; in Africa, 694,000; and in Australia and New Zealand, 56,000.

“Out of the total of over 5,820,000 Jews in North and South America, an estimated 5,000,000 were in the United States and 201,000 in Canada,” it is reported in the Year Book. “About 627,000 Jews reside in other areas of the Western Hemisphere, with the second largest community of 360,000 Jews residing in Argentina.”