Mapam Collectives Urge Party Not to Leave Histadrut Ranks
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Mapam Collectives Urge Party Not to Leave Histadrut Ranks

A national conference of kibbutzim affiliated with the Mapam Party occluded here last night with the adoption of a resolution calling for the collective settlement movement to continue its work in strengthening the Zionist organization and the Histadrut.

The resolution was adopted despite some demands for the left-wing Socialist movement to disassociate itself from the World Zionist Organization and the Histadrut because of the “rightist” policy of the Mapai. Other speakers called for intensification of the fight for Mapam principles from inside the Zionist movement and its organizations. A number of speakers denounced the governments new economic policy.

Other resolutions adopted at the parley called for strengthening of ties between the collective settlements and the Mapam movement, promotion of the collectivist ideology and the setting of educational goals. Eleven new settlements were admitted into membership in the United Kibbutz Council, which is dominated by the Mapam.

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