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Montor Denies He Was Told to Resign if No Bond-uja Peace is Reached

The Israel bond drive organization in the United States is “striving wholeheartedly” to achieve good relations between the drive and the United Jewish Appeal, Henry Montor, executive officer of the bond organization, told a press conference here today.

Asked to comment on reports circulating here that when Israel Foreign Minister Moshe Sharett was in the U.S. he had given Mr. Montor an ultimatum to reach agreement with U.J.A. leaders on co-ordination of the two drives or else resign from the bond organization, Mr. Montor said the reports were “absolutely false.” He said that he and Mr. Sharett had had “most friendly and most pleasant” conversations on the situation and that Mr. Sharett had made a thorough study of the U.J.A.-bond drive problem and would submit his findings to the Cabinet.