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Germany May Ratification of Pact with Israel

The possibility of a six to eight week delay in German Parliamentary ratification on the West German-Israel reparations agreement as a result of stubborn Arab ### against the pact and threats of an Arab boycott of German trade if the throaty is announced, was indicated in government circles here today. However, ### government circles continue to assert that Bonn has no intention of yielding to the Arabs on the pact.

It was reported that Bonn would seek United Nations help in attempting to steer a course between Israel and the Arab world, by asking for a U.N. commission to inspect goods sent to Israel as reparations to see that no military supplies are included. It was indicated here that Bonn was seeking a cooling-off period as far as the Arabs were concerned, and the Arab League decision to delay the threatened boycott in the face office German refusal to scrap the reparations treaty was seen as evidence of such as policy.

It was emphasized, by Bonn spokesmen, that the West German Government intends to take ### on the reparations agreement without the consultation and consent of Israel. The Arab threats of boycott seem to have made an impression in some quartersion West Germany.