Jewish Women’s League Convention Asks for Repeal of Mccarran Act

The National Women’s League of the United Synagogue, representing 120,000 women affiliated with the Conservative Jewish movement, concluded its four-day convention here with resolutions calling for the repeal of the McCarran Immigration Act, support of academic freedom, abolition of blanket ” loyalty oaths ” and of the present procedures of the House Un-American Activities Committee. It also urged curbs on Senatorial immunity ” to check the spread of McCarthyism.”

Mrs. Emanuel Siner of New York, attorney and civic worker, was re-elected president of the organization by the 1,100 delegates who attended the convention. The parley adopted unanimously a resolution asking for revitalization of Sabbath observance as the keystone of Jewish living. It resolved that all members observe Sabbath ritual, that they make it a family day, that the Sabbath candles be lit, and that there be synagogue participation on the Sabbath by members of the sisterhoods.