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Truman Urged to Prevent Admission of Nazis to United States

President Truman has been urged by Jesse Moss, National Commander of the Jewish War Veterans, to do everything in his power to keep Nazis from being admitted to the United States under terms of the McCarran-Walter Immigration Act.

In a White House visit, Mr. Moss told President Truman the J. W. V. favored the barring of Communists and considered Nazis “equally obnoxious and undesirable.” He also discussed the possibility of a United Nations resolution condeming the “inauguration of anti-Semitism in Czechoslovakia as an instrument of Communist political policy.”

Mr. Moss told newsmen that the Jewish War Veterans was not defending the Jewish Communists executed in Czechoslovakia because the organization felt “Jewish Communists are just as bad as any other kind of Communists.” He pointed out that what the J. W. V. was alarmed about was the injection of religious prejudice as a state policy.