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German Anti-semites Utilize Pact with Israel for Propaganda

Germany is flooded with illegal, underground anti-Semitic cartoons, R.H. Shackford, Scripps-Howard staff writer who is investigating the rise of anti-Jewish feelings in West Germany, reports today from Frankfurt.

A current cartoon shows Israeli Premier Ben Gurion emerging from a conference with German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer over German reparations to be paid Jews and Israel for Nazi crimes against the Jews, he reports. Premier Ben Gurion is depicted holding a tablet inscribed: “Six million Jews Dead,” and saying: “I can find more for you at that price.”

Mr. Shackford says that the neo-Nazis have “latched onto” the restitution issue as a key plank in their campaign to revive Hitlerism. “No taxation for Jewish restitution, ” is their slogan. He emphasizes that the average German is willing to pay lip ### to the idea of restitution. It eases his conscience. But when the chips are ###, he places the Jew last on his list of war “victims” to be helped by the government.