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Israel Intensifies Hebrew Courses for American Visitors

“Ulpanim,” intensified Hebrew language courses for American visitors in Israel are now being conducted on a year-round basis with new courses scheduled to open on May 1st and September 1st, it was announced today by the Jewish Agency in New York.

The “Ulpanim,” conducted by the Jewish Agency and the Israel Ministry of Education, were established in 1949 to teach Hebrew to immigrants. Since their opening to American tourists and other visitors in the autumn of 1952, some 80 American have enrolled. Some of the enrollees are members of PATWA, an organization of American professionals and technicians planning to work in Israel. Some belong to the various Zionist movements and many are unaffiliated with any group.

Arrangements for American enrollment in “Ulpanim” are made by the Jewish Agency in New York. The courses are of five to six month’s duration, running consecutively throughout the year.