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Eichmann, Notorious Nazi Murderer of Jews, Seen in Middle East

Karl Eichmann, the notorious Palestine-born German who directed the extermination of Jews in Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary under the Nazi regime, is now somewhere in the Middle East, a companion of the ex-Mufti of Jerusalem, according to a report published in the press here.

The report quotes a German engineer as stating that he saw Eichmann clambering out, together with the ex-Mufti, of a derailed Pullman car of the Damascus-Baghdad express last November. In charge of a switch-construction job near by, the engineer invited the travelers from the overturned car into his quarters. Among the German passengers who identified themselves were Eichmann, SS Major General Katzman who during the German occupation of Poland was in charge of the extermination of Jews in Galicia, and a number of other high-ranking Gestapo officials sought as war criminals.