British Minister Terms Kibya Incident “disturbing Factor”
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British Minister Terms Kibya Incident “disturbing Factor”

British Home Secretary Sir David Maxwell-Fyfe last night expressed the hope that ways will be found to eliminate from Anglo-Israel relations “such disturbing factors as the recent border incidents which have deepened the estrangement between Israel and its neighbors.”

Speaking at a dinner of the Anglo-Israel Association, the Home Secretary paid tribute to such Israeli achievements as the reclamation of the Negev, high standards of health and the provision of educational facilities. He saw in the Queen Elizabath Forest in Israel–established by Jewry in the various Commonwealth countries–a means of helping foster closer relations between Britain and Israel.

Ambassador Eliahu Elath, another featured speaker at the dinner, said Israel welcomes the United Nations Security Council’s dealing with the problem of Israel-Arab peace. He expressed the hope that the recent tragic incidents would not deflect the Security Council from the major issues in the Middle East which can only be solved by a real peace. The Israel Ambassador also called for the strengthening of the Arab-Israel armistice agreements by the Council, asserting that while Israel had viewed the armistice pacts as a prelude to real peace, the Arab states considered it no more than a breathing spell to devise new means of warring on Israel.

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