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German Veterans Criticize Official for Anti-jewish Remarks

The German Association of Wounded War Veterans and Dependents today sharply criticized anti-Semitic remarks by a Major Ewert, a leading official of the Union of German Soldiers, another veterans group, who attacked the German Supreme Court at Karlsruhe for having several Jews or half-Jews among its 10 justices. The Association of Wounded Veterans, with a total membership of 1,500,000, is the only German veterans group which opposes the neo-Nazi and militaristic outlook of the other veterans groups in this country.

Major Ewert’s attack, voiced in the Rhineland city of Krefeld, where he heads the coordinating group of all veterans groups, came after the Supreme Court ruled that veterans of the Second World War, whose pensions were reinstated in 1949, were not entitled to payment for the period between 1945 when the Nazi regime collapsed and 1949. Major Ewert declared at a public meeting that “we don’t have anything against the Jews as such, but they have no business being on the Constitutional Court.” He added that the court did not have “the proper racial composition.”