Rumania “conditions” Jews to Testify Against Jewish Leaders
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Rumania “conditions” Jews to Testify Against Jewish Leaders

The Rumanian National Committee here charged today that Jews who returned to Rumania from Israel are being “conditioned” to act as prosecution witnesses in a forthcoming trial of Zionist leaders now imprisoned in Rumania.

The committee said the return of Jews “is assuming the proportions of a major tragedy for the Jewish people. ” It reported that those Jews “lured by the glittering promises of the Rumanian People’s Republic authorities met the expectable disillusionments upon landing. Most of them have been unable to find either lodgings or employment, though both had been promised them.”

(In Montreal, Michael Garber, chairman of the executive committee of the Canadian Jewish Congress, sharply condemned the Rumanian Government for its policy of secret trials of Rumanian Jewish leaders, and called upon the satellite nation to “halt the trials now in process and to restore to freedom the men and women who have already too long languished in prison. ” His statement was issued following a meeting of the CJC executive committee, at which it was revealed that “absolutely authentic” information regarding the secret trials in Rumania had reached Congress headquarters.)

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