Ben Gurion Asks Single Israeli Pioneering Youth Movement
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Ben Gurion Asks Single Israeli Pioneering Youth Movement

Former Premier David Ben Gurion today called on Israeli youth to unite in a single, unified pioneering movement and to dedicate their lives to the “national mission. ” He spoke to a special rally of 10,00.0 youths between the ages of 15 and 17 called together by the Ministry of Education.

When Mr. Ben Gurion arrived at the amphitheatre in an ambulance which had brought him from a Tel Aviv hospital, the youngsters roared their welcome. Mr. Ben Gurion was the sole speaker at the rally and spoke for an hour and a halt.

He asserted that it was possible for all youth, regardless of their political affiliation–excepting the small section of Communist youth–to unite on a basic program: security, integration of immigrants and settlement. During his speech he surveyed the course of Jewish history and told his listeners that the choice before them was one of individual careers or serving the national mission.

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