I.l.o. Asked to Work Toward Arab-israel Rapprochement
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I.l.o. Asked to Work Toward Arab-israel Rapprochement

A call to the International Labor Organization to bend all its efforts toward a rapprochement between Israel and the Arab states in the interest of improved economic conditions which would follows stable peace in the Middle East, was voiced here today at the 37th session of the ILO by S. Moriel, a representative of Israeli employer groups.

Mr. Moriel also told the parley that the greatest economic problem facing Israel today was the attraction of large capital investments. He said that relations between Israel employers and labor were generally satisfactory and he reviewed employers’ efforts to teach “work hygiene” and safety practices.

He revealed Israeli employers’ pre-occupation with the problem of housing, noting that they were interested in increasing available housing for workers. He said Israel was unable to keep up with the demand for additional housing because of the overwhelming mass of immigrants which has engulfed the country.

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