Armistice Commission Censures Israel for Mevoot Betar Incident
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Armistice Commission Censures Israel for Mevoot Betar Incident

The Israel-Jordan Mixed Armistice Commission, with the Israeli delegation boycotting the session as it has for months, condemned Israel today for the incident at Mevoot Betar last Saturday in which three Israeli members of a five-man patrol were killed in a Jordanian, ambush.

Elaborating on the MAC communique later, MAC press officer Hamilton Fisher said that the UN observers had been unable to find footprints or traces of the bodies of the three men having been dragged across the border from Israel to Jordan, nor were they able to explain how the bodies got across the frontier if there were no footprints. He said the observers were not able either to explain the mutilation of the bodies of the victims nor the stealing of their clothes and personal effects. Israeli spokesmen had charged that the bodies of the murdered men had been moved across the frontier by the Jordanians.

Israeli units were fired on by Egyptians and Jordanians today in two separate incidents, one north of Kissufim, in the Gaza demilitarized area, and the other near Neve Ilan. No casualties were reported.

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