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Argentine Paper Apologizes for Anti-jewish Advertisement

A delegation of the DAIA–the central representative body of Argentine Jewry–today received an apology from the editor of the influential newspaper “La Razon” which last week published an advertisement by the “Syrian Cultural Association” insulting the Jewish population of this country as well as the State of Israel.

The editor told a DAIA delegation which visited him that the organization which inserted the advertisement had abused his own good faith. He pointed out that “La Razon” has a well established policy of friendliness for Israel and promised that the newspaper will not again permit any group to use its pages as “a vehicle for shameful attacks upon Jews.”

The DAIA was offered space for its own advertisement, which it ran in “La Razon, ” replying sharply to the attacks leveled by “the so-called Syrian Cultural Association, whose identity is unknown” and which the DAIA called “a bud off the Nazi tree. “