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Jewish Body in Germany Approves Pact on Heir Less Property

The Central Council of Jews in Germany, at its plenary meeting here, approved in principle the understanding arrived at in Frankfurt last April to distribute heirless communal and endowment property equally between the re-established Jewish communities in Germany on the one hand and, on the other, the “successor organization” representing major Jewish bodies throughout the world. The funds accruing to these organizations are allotted by them mainly to Jewish relief bodies and to the Jewish Agency for resettlement purposes.

Alluding to recent developments, such as the founding of an authorized Zionist Organization in Germany, Council chairman Heinz Galinski told the delegates that a new phase of postwar Jewish history in Germany had been reached because “our right to exist is no longer in question.”

In a resolution, the Council deplored the prevalence of governmental procrastination in the indemnification program for individual claimants. It called for the speedy enactment of implementation regulations and of amendments to the Federal Indemnification Law.