Armistice Commission Censures Egypt for Attacks on Israelis
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Armistice Commission Censures Egypt for Attacks on Israelis

The Israel-Egyptian Mixed Armistice Commission, after three meetings yesterday on border incidents in recent weeks, called upon Egypt to halt “finally and immediately” attacks on Israelis by Arab infiltrators from Egyptian-held territory.

The MAC also underlined that it noted “with extremely great concern the deterioration during the last month of the already serious situation prevailing along the demarcation line as a result of repeated aggressive acts by Egypt against Israel. ” The MAC’s resolution was approved by the Israel delegation and the UN chairman.

The censure of Egypt arose from the ambushing and murder of two Israeli settlers and the wounding of two others by a party of five Arabs from Egyptian territory on September 25. In another action, the MAC adopted a resolution censuring Israel for crossing the Egyptian border. The commission also declared there is “evidence” that an Israel border settlement, Ketziot, is presumably “established along military lines” in the demilitarized zone.

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