Electrical Workers Convention Opposes Giving U.S. Arms to Arabs
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Electrical Workers Convention Opposes Giving U.S. Arms to Arabs

The convention of the Union of Electrical Workers, CIO, meeting here, passed a resolution this week-end expressing the “special kinship” with Israel which is “a democracy in an area of feudalism and autocracy” and pride in the record of the Histadrut in Israel. The delegates represent 400, 000 workers.

“We view with concern our State Department’s foreign policy which is contributing to the deterioration of the situation in the Middle East, ” the resolution continues. “We are convinced that the free world’s defense against the threat of Soviet aggression requires peaceful local conditions based on economic and social progress.

“The International Electric Union deplores the careless distribution of arms to the Arab states which have announced their intentions to destroy Israel,” the resolution says. “We deplore the failure to ensure that the Suez Canal now entrusted solely to Egypt will be used freely by the shipping of all nations as provided by international convention.”

President James Carey, who is also secretary-treasurer of the CIO, introduced Histadrut representative Moshe Bitan, who addressed the convention.