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Pro-arabs Seek to Hamper Revision of U.S. Middle East Policy

Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, who is reported to have begun a reconsideration of American policy in the Near East, was visited for 30 minutes today by a leader of the “American Friends of the Middle East,” a pro-Arab group. The Rev. Edward L. R. Elson, who is best known as President Eisenhower’s pastor, sought to dissuade Mr. Dulles from revising policy in the Near East, according to informed sources.

George V. Allen, newly-appointed Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, may briefly visit Israel and the Arab League states on his way back from India where he has served as Ambassador, it was learned here today from government sources.

Mr. Allen is expected in Washington between December 15 and January 1. His schedule for the return trip has not yet been definitely arranged, although it is known that he wishes to visit Israel and the Arab states before returning to Washington.