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U.S. Attacked by Syrian Delegate in U. N. on Jerusalem Issue

The United States and Britain were criticized here today by Ahmed Shukairy, Syrian delegate, for having their Ambassadors to Israel present their credentials in Jerusalem.

Speaking at the UN Political and Security Committee on the question of Korea, the Syrian delegate said that while the American and British governments insist upon invoking the United Nations’ authority in Korea, they “betrayed the authority of the United Nations in Jerusalem.”

“It was common knowledge, ” Mr. Shukairy said, “that the UN General Assembly had decreed the internationalization of Jerusalem as a corpus separatism; nevertheless, the United States and the United Kingdom had instructed their Ambassadors to Israel to submit their credentials in Jerusalem, a city where Israel has no sovereignty under a UN resolution. How can you reconcile your attitudes, gentlemen?” He added, “you can’t advocate the authority of the UN in one question and destroy the authority of the UN in another. “