Truman, Justice Douglas Address Jewish Tercentenary Celebration
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Truman, Justice Douglas Address Jewish Tercentenary Celebration

Former President Harry S. Truman and Associate Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas were the leading figures participating in this city’s celebration of the American Jewish Tercentenary last night. More than 2,400 persons attended the meeting.

President Turman, spoke briefly, introducing Justice Douglas to the audience. The Justice, noted liberal figure on the American scene and commentator on the Middle East and other areas of the world, roundly condemned racism in the United States.

Rabbi Samuel Mayerberg of this city described the effect of minorities on the development of the United States and the United States’ reception of refugee groups from all parts of the world. Rabbi Mayerberg traced the growth of America as a world moral, political, social and economic leader, stressing the importance of the “melting pot” theory on this development.

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