Congressional Committee Faces Split over Immigration Issue
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Congressional Committee Faces Split over Immigration Issue

An open split developed in the House Judiciary Committee today over what Rep. Francis E. Walter, Pennsylvania Democrat, charged was an effort “aimed at emasculating” the McCarran-Walter Immigration Act.

Committee chairman Emanuel Celler, acknowledged he was “having troubles” organizing the committee, but denied there was a move to strip Rep. Walter of the key chairmanship of the Immigration Subcommittee.

Rep. Walter is senior to all the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee except Rep. Celler. While Rep. Wlater was a co-sponsor of the McCarran-Walter Act. Rep. Celler is a leading opponent of the measure and an active advocate of its repeal or revision.

Rep. Walter charged today that Rep, Celler, using his capacity as chairman, sought to deprive him of the Immigration Subcommittee chairmanship in an “outrageous” effort to win change of the immigration law, “The intention is to weaken the McCarran-Walter Act,” said Rep, Walter.