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Neo-nazis in Vienna Attempt to Demonstrate Against Jewish Claims

An attempt by members of the neo-Nazi League of Independents to hold a meeting in protest against Jewish claims for restitution was broken up here today by several hundred Jewish and non-Jewish anti-Fascists who had been imprisoned in Nazi concentration camps. (For more news on Jewish claims developments see page 3.)

The meeting was called under the latest neo-Nazi slogan: “Hunger Pensions and Jewish Restitution Demands” and was to be addressed by Hans Stueber, an Independent deputy in Parliament. Before he could open the meeting formally, the anti-Nazis commenced shouting: “Nazis.”

Several fist fights and exchanges of epithets took place, with the police calmly looking on. When it became evident that the meeting could not be held without removing the anti-Nazis, Herr Stueber closed the session which he had not yet opened. Then the police politely requested the demonstrators to leave, which they did in orderly fashion.