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State Department Advises Austria to Settle Jewish Claims

The State Department has expressed ï¿??complete segmentï¿?? on the ï¿??wisdom of concluding a s???stacory agreementï¿?? between Jewish on ? ? and Austria on the indemnification issue before the Austria State Treaty on seated to the U.S. Senate for ratification. ï¿??Choose made known yesterday when ? H????t H. Lehman called the attention the Senate ï¿??on lather he received from ? B Morton Assistant Secretary of Save for Legislations Affairs.

The State Department wrote Sen, ? in response to a communication which the ?????ter had sent to Secretary of State John Fos??? Dulles a copy of a letter from the ? ? an Autorotation of Former Austrian Jewish, the ?? — concerning the indemnification of Austrian ???th of Nazi oppressor. ? second necessary ï¿?? said the Asso????? pairman Singr??ed Geyerham ? Austrian on forced ?? that satisfactory ????ation ? this underutilization) may I before the State Fr?aty is concluded, and that ? S?? Se????te should not approve the State ???ty before the enactment of the said registration.ï¿??

Assistant Secretary Morton repaving to Sï¿?? Lehman wrote ï¿??The Department and the American Embassy in Vienna have ? ? ? sympathy the ????ns of victims of ???cition and have expressed their desire a seek a speedy and just solution to the ??item of claims of individuals and with escape to hear ?ss property in Austrian I am / agreement with you is to the wisdom of ? commanding ??ss???fictory agreement ???? the negotiations which ??? going on the Victim. ? ? the Austrian Government to be Jewish organization.ï¿??

I was ???vealed by Mr. Morton that a copy with street some the American Association of Former Austrian Just stress being ? ? ? ? American embassy in Vienna ? ? ? tion. However he ? ? ? ? to the proposal made in??fication law, after Austria assume ? ? ? ? unlikely that could be ? and event ? prepe?? Necessary ? ? of the speed at ????t the /?eaty negotiations have been prog?????? ? ? you may be assured ? the Department and the Apartment Since, ? ? ? to follow with closest ? and sympathy the problem of a Justice times of N???? action ï¿?? Mr. Morton and ?


In ternsiks on the Senate ??oot yesterday, ? ? ? Since ï¿?? he failure to ? ? assassinator season of the ? in August by ? ??arly signi??? In the ???? of the negotiations of the Austrian State ? ? about to ? said he was ï¿??passedï¿?? that ?? S?? E. ? ? g???d ?ath him as to ï¿??the ? lading a satisfactory ? ? ? ? ? Germany the repa??????? Has been hand ?? wash spring ? ? ? ? ? eleed ?? ? ? donï¿??t ? ? ? ? ? such has not ? ? ?.

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