Israel Cabinet Meets Today to Discuss Egypt’s Arms Maneuvers
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Israel Cabinet Meets Today to Discuss Egypt’s Arms Maneuvers

The Israel Cabinet will meet in extraordinary session tomorrow to consider the question of Egypt’s acquisition of arms from Communist countries.

The Israel Parliament, now in recess, has been summoned for October 10 or 11, a week earlier than scheduled, also to consider the Egyptian arms situation. Meanwhile, the Parliamentary Security and Foreign Affairs Committee will meet Wednesday on that matter.

Today, Premier Moshe Sharett conferred with British Ambassador John W. Nichols over this matter. Mr. Sharett asked the Ambassador to convey to the British Government the Israel Government’s anxiety over Egypt’s acquisition of arms from the Eastern bloc. Britain has already expressed to Cairo its disquiet over the situation.

Czechoslovakian charge d’affaires M. Jebolnik was called to the Foreign Ministry here this week-end and was asked to clarify the announcement of the Egyptian purchase of Czech arms. Mr. Jebolnik was told by M. Bartzur, head of the Ministry’s East European section, that the move to supply the Egyptians with war materiel constituted a danger to the peace of the Middle East.

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