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Churchill Opposes Britain’s Arming of Egypt to Detriment of Israel

Sir Winston Churchill spoke out last night against the arming of Egypt “at the expense of and to the detriment of Israel.” He spoke at a rally of Young Conservatives in his constituency of Woodford.

Replying to a question whether agreed with the British policy of arming Egypt “in view of the threat to destroy Israel on the first opportunity,” Sir Winston declared: “I don’t think we are attempting to re-arm Egypt except as part of the gradual policy of giving a certain proportion of weapons to the different countries of the Middle East. But I certainly see no ground whatever for re-arming Egypt at the expense of and to the detriment of Israel.”

When another questioner said that Britain’s Middle East policy lay in ruins and asked what Sir Winston would suggest to rebuild it, he denied that it was a failure and added: “I am sure there is no difficulty in the Middle East which cannot be surmounted by vigorous and effective use of our resources.”