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Herut Leader Reports in U.S. on Merger Talks with General Zionists

The Herut Party and the General Zionists in Israel are currently “in the midst of high level negotiations” looking toward the merger of the two groups into a “solid anti-left bloc movement,” Yaacov Liberman, member of the world executive of the Herut Party, announced at a press conference here today. The Herut is currently Israel’s second strongest party.

Mr. Liberman asserted that the “apparent readiness” of the Western Powers to abandon Israel has forced home a lesson in Israel that the Israelis must depend upon themselves for their own salvation. He noted that the West was “our natural ally, “but said that the West’s courting of the Arabs was a policy of “total bankruptcy. “He said that “only a strong Israel can guarantee security for the West and Middle Eastern peace.”