Bavarian Broadcast Reveals Revival of Anti-semitism in Germany
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Bavarian Broadcast Reveals Revival of Anti-semitism in Germany

A broadcast on the Bavarian Radio detailing evidence of a revival of anti-Semitism and Nazism throughout West Germany has shocked many Germans it was reported here today.

The broadcaster, Helmut Hammerschmidt, in a 45-minute broadcast recounted some of the results of his research during the past three months. In that period, he told his German listeners, there had been innumerable expressions of Nazi sentiments in court rulings, in 40 newspaper articles, in eight new books and in some 200 public addresses.

He cited scores of Germans in influential and lesser positions who were spreading Nazi doctrine. He named one Munich schoolteacher who told her pupils that the letter “J” stood for the “Jews who killed Jesus.”

Senior officials employed by the Nazi war criminals Heinrich Himmler, Joachim von Ribbentrop, Joseph Goebbels and Alfred Rosenberg were “creeping quietly back into government departments, provincial parliaments and universities.” Herr Hammerschmidt charged in his broadcast. He listed a variety of Nazi officials, writers and military men who were drawing good-sized pensions despite their criminal records.