J.D.C. Distributes Surplus Foodstuffs Donated by U.S. Government
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J.D.C. Distributes Surplus Foodstuffs Donated by U.S. Government

Two million pounds of surplus foodstuffs donated by the U. S. Department of Agriculture were distributed to needy persons by the Joint Distribution Committee during 1955, it was reported here today by Charles H. Jordan acting director general of the JDC. Last year’s total, which reached 2,200,000 pounds almost doubled the amount given in the previous year. In terms of dollar value, he noted, JDC distribution last year amounted to approximately $614,000.

The foodstuffs were distributed in France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia and Yugoslavia and included cheese, powdered milk, butter and cottonseed oil. For the current year the U. S. Department of Agriculture has added wheat, flour, rice, beans, corn and corn products to the list of available surplus. A monthly average of 79,000 persons benefited from this surplus last year. Mr. Jordan declared, compared with a monthly average of 54,000 the year before. The largest single consignment–more than 700,000 pounds–went to Israel.

“Through the generosity of the American Government,” Mr. Jordan asserted, we are effecting changes in the eating habits of an entire generation. The food they have supplied, supplementing our regular feeding programs in many parts of the world, provides thousands of youngsters with much of their nutritional needs and puts them on the road to better health.”

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