U.S. Labor Zionist Assembly Urges Sale of American Arms to Israel
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U.S. Labor Zionist Assembly Urges Sale of American Arms to Israel

The United States was urged to supply Israel with arms and to put teeth into the Tripartite Declaration of 1950 in a resolution adopted last night at the conclusion of a two-day meeting of the national council of the Labor Zionist Assembly, coordinating body of the American Labor Zionist movement.

A second resolution scored the U. S. Government for acquiescing in the Arab boycott of American firms owned by Jews or dealing with Israel, and the Arab states refusal to grant visas to American citizens who also plan visits to Israel as well as their ban on American Jews. Still another resolution urged the government to “use its good offices” with the Moroccan Government to lift the ban on the organized emigration of Jews to Israel.

A warning that there is danger of war in the Middle East “within 60 to 90 days” was sounded by Baruch Zuckerman, chairman of the Assembly. “While we are thankful that there is relative quiet on Israel’s frontiers at present and with all our hearts we pray for peace,” he said, “we dare not shut our eyes to the many danger signals that point to the possibility of an outbreak of renewed hostilities by the Arabs against Israel this summer before the rainy season sets in.”

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