Scholars Decipher Last of Dead Scrolls Held by Israel
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Scholars Decipher Last of Dead Scrolls Held by Israel

Jewish scholars have deciphered the last of the Dead Sea scrolls in Israel’s possession and the translation will be published in October Prof. Yigal Yadin, Israel’s leading archaeologist and wartime Chief of Staff of the Israel Army, revealed today.

Prof. Yadin told a press conference that five of the 18 pages of the scroll are finely preserved on parchment that dates back 2,000 years ago, and contain a first person account of Biblical stories commencing with Noah on the Ark which he built to with stand the great flood. Another of the tales is an elaborated account of the beauty of Sarah, wife of the Patriarch Abraham.

The version describes the beauty of Sarah at 60 and how Pharaoh was struck by her beauty when he first saw her. The account represents the story of the world’s first recorded beauty and describes in detail Sarah’s physical charms.

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