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U.S. and Israel to Open “atoms for Peace” Exhibits in Tel Aviv

Israel’s first “Atoms for Peace” exhibit–showing what the scientists in the Jewish state have contributed toward use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes–will be opened here September 10. The exhibit will be set up next to the United States “Atoms for Peace” exhibit which has been shown in various countries and is scheduled to be set up here at the same time the Israeli achievements are unveiled to the public at large.

Among the Israel exhibits will be demonstrations of Israel’s methods for enriching heavy water–a field in which this country’s scientists are among the world’s leaders; uranium detection instruments which help extract this vital ore from phosphates found abundantly in the Negev area; and this country’s use of radioactive isotopes, some of them employed for special therapy now in four of Israel’s leading hospitals.

Another section of the Israel exhibit will show this country’s progress toward use of cosmic radiation. Still another display will show radiation detectors and other atomic detection apparatus developed in this country.