Board of Deputies of British Jews Votes Confidence in Its President
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Board of Deputies of British Jews Votes Confidence in Its President

The Board of Deputies of British Jews today gave its president, Barnett Janner and overwhelming vote of confidence. He had been challenged because as a Labor member of Parliament he had voted with the Opposition to condemn the Anglo-French intervention in the Israel-Egyptian fighting in the Sinai Peninsula.

The motion of confidence clearly stated that it was not to be taken either as approval or disapproval of the British Government’s action. Proponents of the motion said that the vote censuring the government in which Mr. Janner participated in no way concerned Israel and that during the debate, Mr. Janner vigorously defended Israel’s action.

Opponents argued that by expressing confidence in Mr. Janner, the Board of Deputies would be associating itself with the Labor Party’s anti-government stand. They also asserted that by voting with Labor, Mr. Janner had associated himself with Socialist leaders’ description of Israel as an aggressor in this action.

The Board adopted a resolution expressing solidarity with Israel and asserted that it looked to the “United Nations to use their best endeavors to bring Egypt and the other Arab states into direct negotiations with Israel for the establishment of a settled peace.”