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Eisenhower Accepts Maxwell Abbell’s Resignation; Lauds His Service

President Eisenhower today accepted the resignation of Maxweli Abbell, Chicago Jewish leader, as chairman of the President’s Committee on Government Employment Policy.

Mr. Abbell told the President in a letter of resignation that he has been asked to become the first chairman of the World Council of Conservative Synagogues. He said the job would involve visiting Israel, South America, and Europe during the coming year to organize councils on behalf of the United Synagogues of America. He said it would be “morally wrong” for him to continue as head of the government committee since the new position would make it impossible for him to attend more than two or three Committee meetings.

The President in accepting Mr. Abbell’s resignation said Mr. Abbell’s contribution towards eliminating discrimination in employment had been “of great value.” The Committee was established to attempt to eliminate discrimination in Federal employment based on race, color, creed, or national origin.