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450,000,000 Francs Raised for Israel in 1956; Huge Increase Noted

The Aid to Israel campaign in France netted 450,000,000 francs during 1956, with more than half of the total raised during November and December after the parallel Anglo-French and Israeli actions against Egypt. The drive took in 197,000,000 francs in 1955 and 114,000,000 in 1954.

A proposal to name a Paris street after Theodor Herzl was assured favorable consideration today by M. Pelletier, Prefect of Seine, at a meeting with a Zionist Federation delegation.

The delegation, led by Andre Blumel, the Federation’s president, was accompanied by Eduard Depreux, deputy Foreign Minister and president of the French-Israeli parliamentary group. The delegation noted that Dr. Herzl had written his “Jewish State” in Paris. The prefect promised to submit the request to the Paris Municipal Council at its next meeting.