Sweden Favors Keeping United Nations Troops in Gaza Area
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Sweden Favors Keeping United Nations Troops in Gaza Area

The withdrawal of foreign troops from Egyptian territory was only the first step in the achievement of a durable peace in the Middle East, Swedish Foreign Minister Osten Unden told Parliament last night.

He called for Keeping the United Nations Emergency Force on the scene for a transitional period until calm and order was restored in the Gaza Strip, pledging that Swedish troops would be kept in UNEF. Among UNEF’s functions, he listed guarding the armistice line against illegal crossings. He defended the UN’s intervention into the Egyptian situation and insisted that UN member states must refrain from force to obtain what they consider to be their rights.

Meanwhile, Opposition leader M. Ohlin scored the government for not pressing more vigorously the Raoul Wallenburg case. Sweden should demand more detailed information from Moscow on all details of Wallenberg’s imprisonment, he insisted.

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