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Israel Ship Brings Munitions to U.s.; Delivers Them to U.S. Army

United States Navy authorities today lifted the veil of secrecy from the “mystery ship” flying the Israeli flag which this week-end unloaded ammunition at the Earle, New Jersey, Naval Ammunition Depot. It revealed that the ship was the Israel motor vessel “Tappuz” and it carried ammunition for the U.S. Army.

(The Asbury Park, N.J., Sunday Press reported that the “Tappuz” brought to the United States, Soviet munitions captured from the Egyptians for study by U.S. military experts. The cargo bore the lowest military security classification: “confidential.”)

The State Department said that the United States buys some ammunition in foreign countries and that these purchases are destined to help countries keep up production. The “Tappuz,” a 500-ton ship, left the New Jersey harbor for Florida. She took on no cargo at Earle.