Quiet Resumed at Israel-syrian Border; U. N. Investigating 10-hour Battle
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Quiet Resumed at Israel-syrian Border; U. N. Investigating 10-hour Battle

Wrecked and silenced Syrian gun positions east of the Israeli-Syrian border and a damaged Israeli armored car west of the border were the only signs today of yesterday’s 10-hour battle in which one Israeli civilian was killed and ten troops and police wounded. A United Nations white flag was seen this morning near the wrecked Syrian positions, indicating that UN investigators were collecting information for a report.

Work in the Israeli settlements along the border returned to normal today while preparations were made in Kiryat Shmoneh, an upper Galilee settlement, for the funeral of the settler, Attaia Hamous, who settled in Israel two years ago. During the night sporadic fire from Syrian positions was aimed at Hehavot Habashan but no casualties or damages were reported.

Heavy Syrian army movements were observed today on The hilltops overlooking Israel’s fertile Huley valley. The battle yesterday, one of the most serious clashes on the Syrian border in recent months, developed with machinegun fire from Syrian nests at an Israeli border patrol. Israeli armored cars, rushed to the scene to help extricate the trapped and wounded police, became the target of heavy mortar fire. Israeli troops then opened return mortar fire of heavy mortar fire and knocked out a number of Syrian gun posts.

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