Dr. Goldstein Returns from Israel; Reports on Cultural Plans
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Dr. Goldstein Returns from Israel; Reports on Cultural Plans

The leadership of Israel is keenly aware of the importance of weaving a stronger spiritual-cultural bond between Israel and the Jewish communities throughout the world, Dr. Israel Goldstein, of the American Jewish Congress, reported here today following his return from Israel. It was his 25th visit to Jerusalem since the establishment of the Jewish State.

Observing that there is noticeable among Arab and Moslem leaders “a growing inclination to accept Israel’s existence as a fact which cannot be nullified, “the AJC leader said that this attitude “can become a starting point for working out at first a peaceful coexistence and eventually cooperation between Israel and its neighbors for the common good of all the nations in that area.”

With the exception of the Syrian border, he observed, “the border tensions have been relatively quieter than in previous years, due partly to the presence of the UN forces on the Egyptian border but in larger measure due to a wholesome respect by the surrounding Arab states for Israel’s military capacity. Such border violence as has been perpetrated has been met by Israel with great restraint. Yet the future is uncertain as long as Soviet Russia continues to supply arms and submarines to Syria and Egypt, which plan to use them against Israel.”

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