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Neo-nazi Groups in Germany Careful on Anti-semitic Propaganda

Anti-Semitism as an ideological weapon of postwar neo-Nazi movements in Germany crops up in a disguised form and no longer seems to be the main propaganda weapon as it was in the Nazi era, it was reported in a study published under the auspices of the Institute for Political Science of the Free University of Berlin.

The study, “Rightwing Radicalism in Postwar Germany,” is based in large measure on actual documents and court records made available to the researchers by the Federal Constitutional Court which outlawed the Socialist Reichspartei, one of the more openly neo-Nazi groups.

Neo-Nazis seldom refer to Jews as such in their propaganda, using instead such phrases as “emigrants,” “financiers,” “materialists” and “world conspirators.” They rely on the heavy heritage of Nazi propaganda in the German mind to make the association between these names and Jews. In addition, neo-Nazis deny that the Nazis murdered Jews, or refer to them as “hardships” necessitated by the war or criminal acts which had no relationship with Nazism.