Jewish Congress Starts Inquiry into Role of Science in Education
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Jewish Congress Starts Inquiry into Role of Science in Education

A commission of the World Jewish Congress, headed by Prof. Horace M. Kallen, started an inquiry into the role of science in Jewish education, it was announced here today by Prof. Kallen.

“More and more, the survival and effectiveness of traditional non-scientific education is likely to be determined, in the century to come, by its attitude towards the sciences of man and nature, “Prof. Kallen said. The problem which has been with us for these past 100 years “has today become an acutely critical one,” he stressed. The commission will solicit the views of Jewish educators throughout the world, and will collect various data and curricular and pedagogic materials which will be subjected to a searching analysis.

The commission membership includes: Dr. Judah Pilch, vice-chairman; Dr. Gershon Gelbert, secretary and research director; Dr. Samuel M. Blumenfield, Dr. S. Federbush; Dean Benjamin Fine; Dr. Judah J. Shapiro–in the U.S.; Dr. Elijah Bortniker of Paris; Professor Carl Frankenstein of Jerusalem; Elijah Jhirad of New Delhi; Professor Morris Ginsberg, the Marchioness of Reading, Professor Leon Roth, Dr. A. Steinberg–in Britain.

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