F.B.I. Urged to Start Investigation into Synagogue Bombings
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F.B.I. Urged to Start Investigation into Synagogue Bombings

The Department of Justice is awaiting reports from the F. B. I. and the U. S. Attorney’s office to determine if any violation of Federal law occurred in the Jacksonville bombing of the Jewish center and a Negro school.

U.S. Attorney General William P. Rogers, was urged today to take immediate and effective action by launching a full-scale F. B. I. investigation into the "spate of lawlessness and bombings which have erupted in the South." The American Jewish Committee, in a wire to the Attorney General, stressed that the "series of bombings" clearly indicates a concerted course of criminal action on an interstate scale and "points to the existence of a conspiracy which warrants an immediate investigation by the F. B. I."

Irving M. Engel, president of the A. J. C., in the wire, underscored that in recent months there have been "five bombings or attempted bombings of school and synagogues."

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