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Mosleyite Gang Ejected from Conservative Party Meeting in London

A group of followers of Sir Oswald Mosley, lead by his 19-year-old son, was ejected last night by police from a North London meeting after continuous heckling of Conservative party chief Lord Hailsham, who fired back a stream of counter-heckling at the intruders.

As the hecklers chanted “Mosley, Mosley, Mosley,” Lord Hailsham, pacing up and down the platform, shouted “Up with free speech; Down with hooligans.” Up with Democracy.”

An editorial in the Evening Star cited the incident as a reminder of the 1930’s when the blackshirt political sires of this group were friends of Hitler and were regarded as “his potential fifth column” in Britain. “How dare they crawl out of the wormwood to affront decent folk?” the Star asked indignantly.