Commander of Israel’s Women’s Army Arrives in U.S. for Bond Drive

Colonel Shoshana Gershom, commanding officer of Chen, the women’s army of Israel, arrived in the United States for a six–week speaking tour of American and Canadian cities on behalf of the Israel bond drive. She will be the guest of honor at a score of Israel bond rallies in celebration of the tenth anniversary of Chen, which will be marked officially in Israel on June 4th.

Colonel Gershom, a heroine of the Sinal campaign and of the War of Liberation has long been active in Jewish defense. She was a pivotal figure in Haganah, the defense army of the Jewish community of Palestine in the days of the British Mandate. During that period, she was also a research worker in science at the Hebrew University. During World War II, as one of the first four to graduate a British Army officer’s course for women, Colonel Gershom led a unit of women drivers in Egypt. Later, as a member of the Jewish Brigade, she was sent to Italy.