World Unit of General Zionists Holds First South American Parley
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World Unit of General Zionists Holds First South American Parley

The first South American conference of the World Organization of General Zionists, the movement co-chaired by Mrs. Rose Halprin and Dr. Israel Goldstein, closed here today with a call for Latin American General Zionists to affiliate with the movement and to rally in support of its policy of non-identification with political parties in Israel. The conference also decided to organize a Latin American Confederation of parties in sympathy with these aims.

Among the 102 delegates who participated in the parley were representatives from General Zinnist organizations in Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Bolivia, as well as Argentina. Also represented were the pioneering movement Hanoar Hazioni, which has been effective in gathering chalutzim for Israel in Latin America, and various university youth groups. Dr. Goldstein and Judge Louis E. Levinthal, a member of the executive of the world organization, attended.

After the parley and prior to his departure from Argentina, Dr. Goldstein paid high tribute to the Zionist and Jewish cultural aspects of life in the Jewish community of Argentina. He stressed the great respect of the Argentine Government for the Jewish community, attributing this state of affairs to the extensive unity demonstrated within the community. He felt too few of the youth were receiving a Jewish education and that there was too much emphasis on secular aspects of life to the damage of the synagogue role.

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